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About The Carrier Community – Global Telecom Club:


Welcome to Carrier Community the only specialized and global Telecom Club.

Carrier Community is an exclusive global telecom club and industry-networking platform for wholesale telecom service providers. It was founded as a central and transparent platform to enhance business opportunities across the telecom industries various sectors such as voice, data, SMS, Mobile, VAS, MVNO, ISP, Cable, Telehouse and other related sectors. Community founders believe that the voluntary exchange of contacts and information via a central portal as well as organised annual networking events are core to the creation of new business opportunities in order to help the world become more connected. Carrier Community offers the industry a meeting place where members can share ideas, contacts and business information for the mutual benefit of all members. It hosts annual members networking events throughout the year globally such as Global Carrier Community Meetings (GCCM) in London, Singapore, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Berlin.

4800+ members, 2200+ operators, 130+ countries

The Carrier Community has qualified more than 3,800 members since its inception representing 1,900+ Operators from more than 120+ countries. Our members occupy C-Level, VP, Director and Manager Positions at incumbent, mobile and alternative and small operators.

Given its unique business interaction mechanism Carrier Community has been founded with the purpose of creating a central platform which enhances business opportunities within the various product and business segments  such as mobile, voice, data and telehouse.

While the industry goes through major changes, new technologies, disruptive or not, are contributing to its even faster development. Interconnections and new supply demand for more transparency and a mutual approach to achieve a healthy future for all members.

This portal is unique in the sense of focus on a specific user group and its independence from vendors makes it a truly neutral and effective networking platform.

Only members from telecom service providers will be accepted to insure that only telecom service providers are participating and have access to all registered users. The avoidance of unwanted promotions and business contacts are of prime importance to founders of this portal.
For further information please visit our event site www.carriercommunityevents.com

To become a member please go to the Membership Portal and fill in the requested details. Once accepted an e-mail confirmation will be sent out to you together with your access details.

By becoming a member of the Carrier Community, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. FREE access to a focused industry related vendor independent networking platform
  2. Real-time exchange of contacts and information via a central portal and organised networking events
  3. Explore new business opportunities with your peers from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe
  4. Make a difference and contribute to the achievement of a healthy future for all members
  5. Direct discussions and meetings with operators from more than 120 countries in ONE single place
  6. Build further existing relationships with leading telecom providers worldwide
  7. Network with key decision makers in the telecom industry
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