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CCC APP - Mobile number registration

  • This service is only available to those CC members who has provided us with their mobile numbers in the following format: +924299239308 (Need add+ in the beginning, No space, no dash in between. To be able to use this service from 20th June 2017 onwards, please could you kindly register your mobile number and fill in the below form:

  • Mobile (+country code, no space, no dash, e.g. +924299239308 )
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Should you have any technical issue in uploading the app after registering your number, please contact our support team at: [email protected] to assist you further.





To further improve its club service for the members, Carrier Community (CC) has launched its new service: CC- Communication APP (CCC) enabling all members to send free messages, make free calls and more. To be able to use this new application, one had to be a qualified and registered CC members. With this new OTT APP, we provide two different packages:

Basic package: for all members:

  • Send and receive free messages
  • Make free calls member to member

Premium Package: for corporate members:

  • Monthly user fee
  • PBX functions
  • Corporate private chat-room
  • Corporate directory
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