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GCCM awards event is the official recognition of innovative achievements among the telecom wholesale operators regionally and globally. The awards independently judged by a panel of telecoms analysts and industry experts, where all submissions will be reviewed and assessed by the jury.

The GCCM awards will be presented at the Central and Eastern Europe “CEE” 2017 GCCM held in Berlin, 20th June 2017 at Hotel Adlon Kempinski – Executive Lounge.

Whether you have been nominated for an award or would like to attend the event, having booked a seat is essential. Each table seats 10 delegates, which is great way of interacting with clients, business partners and prospects at our dazzling awards show.

Participation for short listed companies one re-presenter. Other options:

Awards entry inquiries or Tickets, E: [email protected]  T: +49(0)3092275441

*Entry deadline 30th April 2017.

We wish you all the best of luck with your entry!


Erik Van Stokkom

VS Consulting
Based in Switzerland, VSC provides strategic advisory services in M&A, Business Development & Media for the telecommunication industry. Over the last 20 years, Erik developed extensive expertise and deep domain knowledge working at major telecom companies. His international career includes senior & executive level positions. Over the years, Erik has been a regular speaker & moderator at major international telecom conferences.

Andreas Hipp

Member of the Board
Cirrus Core Networks and Founder Incipio Private Limited
Andreas was the Founder and Group CEO of Epsilon Global Communications, which includes Epsilon service provider and Cataleya technology businesses. He is now continuing to supporting the industry’s evolution through his start-up and investment facilitator (Incipio) and his position on the board of Cirrus Core Networks. During his 18 years in the global telecoms community he has contributed to the evolution of the international markets and technologies, creating innovative businesses, and disruptive business models.

Isabelle Paradis

President and Founder
Isabelle is President and Founder of HOT TELECOM, one of the most innovative and creative telecom research and consulting companies in the industry. HOT TELECOM has been supporting operators, regulators and investors on a global basis for over 14 years, more particularly on the subjects of International and wholesale. More recently, Isabelle has been working with many of the world's global wholesalers and service providers to help them define their transformation strategy. She has published a number of articles and reports on the subject and has spoken at numerous conferences to share her views on the future of the wholesale business. Isabelle holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering, an MBA in Finance and has over 20 years working globally.

Ilija Reymond

Founder and Managing Partner
mgi management group AG. Switzerland.
Mr. Raymond has over 20 years of experience in the international telecommunications industry. From 1997 to 2001, he has managed sales and marketing groups for several affiliates of Redcube. Prior to founding mgi, he held the position as a Director Marketing & Sales with Carrier1 International Carrier Services. Mr. Reymond studied Political Science at the University of Zurich. He is a citizen of Switzerland.

José A. García

Managing Director - Owner
Mr. José García is an expert in in wholesale voice and SMS messaging with over 18 years’ experience in the telecom industry. As former VP of Sales & Carrier Relations at tyntec, one of the largest A2P SMS service providers globally, José gained a deep industry expertise developing profitable SMS business across the globe. During his 10 years at Verizon he headed up a European team responsible for international voice services. Previously, he managed the operator department of mobile payments business in Central and Southern Europe for Netsize, a Gemalto company focussed on. José holds a Spanish citizenship, is based in Munich and studied Business Administration in Frankfurt.

David James

Practice leader, Wholesale Telecoms
David James has over 25 years’ experience in the telecoms and IT industry. He leads Ovum’s team of analysts specializing in the wholesale telecoms market. He and his team research, analyze, report, forecast and advise clients on developments and strategies in the wholesale market across the globe. David is also interested in the effective application of telecommunications to improve customer service and business efficiency. David has been a member of Ovum’s wholesale research team since 2003 and has led the team since 2005. In this time, he has led research into the strategies of leading players in the wholesale market, devised forecast models for a variety of wholesale services, and undertaken studies on a variety of aspects of wholesale telecoms. These include wholesale customer segmentation and service portfolios, wholesale customer interaction strategies, and the implications of the rapid migration to all-IP network architectures. David has spoken at and chaired seminars, briefings, and conferences on a range of wholesale telecoms subjects around the world. Prior to joining the wholesale research team, David worked in Ovum’s Consultancy group on a variety of bespoke client projects. Before joining Ovum in 1999, David worked for Logica, Kingston-SCL, and Aspect Telecommunications. David has a Computing Science degree from Imperial College London and an MBA from Strathclyde Graduate Business School.

Christophe Justens

Naxto LLC
Christophe has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and is recognized as an innovator with deep domain knowledge. As founder of Naxto LLC, he now advises companies in the telecommunications, mobile and payments industries on strategy, products and business development with a specific focus on telco and payment operators. Prior to his current role, Christophe was SVP for IDT, a leading global carrier, and worked and lived for them in Europe, the Middle East and the US. While at IDT, Christophe managed a functional carrier services P&L and was the driving force behind the strategy and innovation for Carrier Services into a platform for value transfer (airtime) and white label portfolio. At Belgacom, Christophe managed the strategic planning cycle, market screening, business planning and partnership strategy to drive new product development and make Belgacom the leader in Mobile Carrier Services. In his early career, Christophe was product manager and project manager for the seed business plan of one of Europe’s first broadband internet over cable deployments.

Short Listed Companies



Global Operator of the year

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This award will recognize a successful initiative to improve access to communications globally. This is the definitive prize for operator entrants. Operator of the Year will be awarded to any wholesale organization, service provider, including MNOs, ISPs and MVNOs, which has demonstrated groundbreaking strides in the industry over the last year. Judges will consider a broad array of criteria, including but not limited to customer and revenue growth, market disrupting innovations, initiatives for the betterment of the telecommunications industry, first-to-market technology implementations, industry collaboration efforts and any initiative, which has been truly one-of-a-kind.

Best IOT Opportunity

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IoT is positioned to become the dominant tech trend of the next ten years as businesses the world over seek to harness the potential of automating machine processes and gaining insights on data we never thought possible. This category awards advances in real-world deployments of IoT. Successful entries will illustrate how internet of things-technology is being successfully delivered and monetized, and can range from enterprise/industrial use-cases to consumer, smart-home and smart cities.

Best Cloud’ Innovative Operator

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Over and above the specific benefits of NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) the cloud looms large on the telecoms horizon. Whether its software defined networking, ‘as a service’ business processes or simply the greater demand on the network generated by the need to mobile or IoT devices to constantly communicate with the cloud this is one of the defining technological tends of our time. The winner will be the submission that demonstrates the most innovative approach to the cloud in the past 12 months.

Best Connecting the unconnected Operator

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A surprising proportion of the global population still have limited access to communication technologies, which have been consistently shown to improve independence, productivity and standard of living once acquired. Judges will be looking for evidence of uptake within the groups addressed and the benefits provided as well as innovation in the use of the network, equipment, products, solutions or service provision.

Customer Experience Excellence

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Successful customer experience programs can take on pivotal importance as competitive an industry as telecoms. Customer expectations are higher than ever and churn remains an expensive challenge. This award will go to the product, initiative or company that demonstrates the most effective customer experience solution and can illustrate the business benefits that came from it.

Best Global Network

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This award recognizes excellence in the field of residential, wholesale or enterprise fixed and wireless networks (i.e. broadband – such as FTTH or G.fast). A successful entry will demonstrate how network innovations are delivering new levels of service quality for customers; generating new revenue streams or business models; or disrupting competitive markets. Ideal entrants would be from ISPs, cable operators, fiber providers, MNO or network solutions vendors.

The Funkiest Operator

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As operators seek to differentiate themselves by increasingly varied means; this category recognizes operators who have innovatively & creatively introduced their company, strategy and/or new services etc... in an exciting way over the last year.

Best SMS Platform Provider

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This award will distinguish a service provider for the launch of an innovative SMS software platform solution. Prize will be awarded to any Mobile Operator, SMS Aggregator or Telco software solution provider which managed to launch a software solution addressing the complex needs of SMS market entrants. Jury will evaluate the measurable benefit for customers including completeness of E2E business process, security, modular flexibility and level of business neutrality. Chosen Provider will embody a high level of technology and market expertise reflected in an intuitive state of the art solution which effectively enables new market entrants to launch secure SMS business.

Best SUBSEA CABLE Operator

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The subsea cable sector has seen a remarkable resurgence of strategic activity and capital infusion over the last couple of years, with significant new strategic participants and pronounced new organic demand from converging industry bandwidth consumers and web-centric. We recognize the most innovative subsea project and most successful initiative from an operator that has significantly improved the performance or coverage of a network in a region.

Regional Operator of The Year

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This award will recognize a successful initiative to improve access to communications in the region. This is the definitive prize for operator entrants. Operator of the Year will be awarded to any wholesale organization, service provider, including MNOs, ISPs and MVNOs, which has demonstrated groundbreaking strides in the industry over the last year. Judges will consider a broad array of criteria, including but not limited to customer and revenue growth, market disrupting innovations, initiatives for the betterment of the telecommunications industry, first-to-market technology implementations, industry collaboration efforts and any initiative, which has been truly one-of-a-kind.

Best Voice Service Innovation

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Ever decreasing margins in voice are the catalyst for the innovation in the services used to deliver them. These services must bring to the forefront an integrated approach to optimizing carrier costs and routes, while increasing quality of service, volumes, margins, and operational efficiency. This award will recognize a service provider that provides the most powerful, flexible, and innovative cloud based carrier-grade wholesale management service. The Jury will evaluate benefits for carriers in criteria including improving efficiency, increasing margins & volumes, and modular flexibility – routing, billing, service assurance, business & technical analytics, and dispute management.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The entry form must be completed online at the Carrier Community Award Portal. Only fully completed online submission must be sent by 30th April 2017 and be accompanied by a jpeg logo and a high-resolution print format logo (preferably eps).
  2. All entrant companies have the opportunity to purchase seats at the GCCM Awards during the CEE 2017 GCCM in Berlin. For further information on table costs please contact: [email protected]
  3. Supporting evidence or documents must be included within the entry form (such as pictures, graphs). Please ensure any supporting evidence is relevant.
  4. It is essential that we can contact you easily with questions regarding your entry, or judging inquiries and requests for further information. Therefore, please provide us with an awards liaison representative who can take these inquiries. You must provide their full contact details on the entry form.
  5. Up to 5 companies will be shortlisted in each category and the shortlists will be published in April 2017. The winners will be announced during the GCCM Awards event at CEE 2017 GCCM in Berlin.
  6. Shortlisted companies profile and logo will be included in all event relevant publications and mail shots and must purchase a minimum of 2 seats at $250 per seat to represent them at the Awards Ceremony to potentially collect their Award. Entrants unable to commit to attendance at the Awards Ceremony will not be included in the Final Shortlist.
  7. The Winners will be announced during the GCCM Awards event. Winners will receive:
    a) Global recognition of achievements among the telecom wholesale operators
    b) Winner’s Trophy
    c) Certificate presented at the event
    d) Picture taken at the ceremony
    e) Full detailed publication on the GCCM event portal, magazine, mailshots.
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