Registration 2018

Carrier Community Events 2018

  • Only Carrier Community qualified members can attend the CC Events. If you are not member please register:

    For Pre- registration please tick one or more checkboxes.
  • This service is only available to those CC members who has provided us with their mobile numbers in the following format: +924299239308 (Need add+ in the beginning, No space, no dash in between. To be able to use this service from 20th June 2017 onwards, please could you kindly register your mobile number and fill in the below form:

  • Mobile (+country code, no space, no dash, e.g. +924299239308 )
  • 3. Sponsorship Options

    For more information, please contact us: T:+41 (0) 31 544 21 31. Email: [email protected]
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