Gagun Gahir

I’ve worked in various capacities covering operations, relationship management, sales, business development and management. My accomplishments include building teams from customer service agents through to senior account managers from the ground up and guiding the strategies we have applied to a wide spectrum of customers – from SME to global entities. Throughout, I have applied the same ethos of finding the right solutions to drive performance. The most interesting thing about my experience is the incredible people I have the privilege of working with in an international arena – both internal and external stakeholders. Helping them solve long-term challenges with solutions designed to help their businesses’ success is one of the many facets of my career that I am passionate about. I have the responsibility of using my 11 years’ experience in the EMEA region, my skills and my energy to lead a team of exceptional account managers in our mission to consistently exceed targets. We work in a relationship-driven business that yields significant revenues – our success is nothing without the trust of our customers and the ability we have to galvanise our strengths internally. Telstra’s values reflect the importance of our customers: showing we care; working better together; trusting each other to deliver; making the complex simple and finding our courage. Our customers are the foundation on which our business is built and our mission is to ensure our customers are delighted with their experience. I thrive in an environment where I am challenged and the volatility of changing markets within the dynamic region I work in demand a constant willingness to learn, develop, initiate change and be unafraid of taking responsibility for calculated risks in order to protect the longevity of our success.

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