Roz Euan-Smith

Roz joined STL Partners as a Senior Analyst in 2016 from IHS, where she led the Smart Cities research area. She speaks Russian and Japanese and has over five years’ experience as a market analyst and strategist. During her time at IHS Roz developed and launched a new market intelligence service focused on smart cities. This included producing benchmarking studies of different smart city projects, with detailed analysis of individual cities’ strategies to become ‘smarter’ through the implementation of IoT technology.

She regularly speaks at industry events on the evolution of the global smart city market. In addition, Roz has authored a number of reports on the subjects of IoT and smart city development, and has contributed to consulting assignments on strategic market development in the smart home and smart city markets. She also has experience of running detailed research surveys in Asia and frontier markets including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Roz graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA Honours in Japanese and Russian languages.

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