Bankai Group inherits “Simplicity as an ultimate sophistication” in roots and has emerged as a healthy competitor in the global Telecom market. Today, we are recognized as a prominent Technology solutions developer and service provider by 220+ Telecom Carriers and Communication Service Providers (CSPs), globally.

In the complex business scenarios and requirements, we have always simplified the process to develop user friendly and adaptable platforms. Our aim is to take the complexity away from customers and deliver something brilliantly simple.

With experience of 25 years, Bankai has become a diversified contributor to the Telecom Industry by developing technology solutions such as Prepaid Switching, Provisioning, Mediation and Billing solutions. Our latest achievement is in introducing Next Generation Networks (NGN), VAS & Mobile Financial Platform and offering distinctive services such as Cloud hosted Software as a Service (SaaS).

The magnificent journey towards our success is the result of our courage and a genius effort at delivering sophisticated telecom solutions, yet maintaining simplicity in terms of its operability. Our group leaders persistently take great steps and moves to learn, to adapt and to continue with learning.

Bankai is committed to continue investing in and delivering superior telecom solutions for simplifying human communication.

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