Dime Communication

Dime Communication is a Global Digital Communication with the vision to empower the operators with advanced telecom grade ICP based OTT solutions.

Dime Communication mission is to build an Enterprise (B2B) digital white-labelled communication solution for the B2B sector that shift them to the next level by leveraging on disruptive technologies.

Dime strategy consist of providing a B2B digital platform to enable operator, service provide, enterprises to login to the digital global market.

Dime is part of DigitalMe Group (DMG) with different synergic business line within the telecom sector and provide an unique digital platform solution to ensure an active growth of the digital opportunity in the communication arena.

Dime platform leverage on Loftech innovation capabilities to create high-end digital services which have a consolidated record in one of the most advanced country in terms of adoption of new ICT technologies.